Dove butto le capsule di caff├Ę?

Where do I throw away coffee capsules?

Where are coffee capsules thrown away: wet, aluminum, undifferentiated? Once you have brewed the coffee, do you also not know where to dispose of it? What are the correct methods of disposal in separate waste collection in order to respect the environment? Here's how and where they recycle and what happens next.


If you are a lover of coffee pods or capsules, then you necessarily need to know where coffee capsules are thrown away after use.

Being aware of how to correctly dispose of coffee pods and capsules is essential for respecting the environment!

To date, systems for making coffee with capsules and pods have become very popular as they are very practical. However, this new market has generated 120 thousand tons of waste (coffee capsules), and in the era of organic, eco-sustainable and recycling above all, this immediately became a problem to be solved urgently. Precisely because of the high number of capsules that are used every day it is very important to carry out the correct separate collection.

There are different types of coffee capsules , plastic ones, aluminum ones and biodegradable ones.

With the following article we will analyze how to dispose of each of these.

Recycle plastic coffee capsules

Plastic capsules are certainly the most complicated to dispose of. If you have this type at home, you will know that the part that contains the coffee is made of plastic, but the tab is made of aluminium, so it would be normal to throw them without worries in the unsorted waste, but if you care about the environment our advice is other. Once the used capsule has cooled, remove the tab and empty the powder into the organic waste bag.

Rinse the plastic capsule and throw the wrapper in the bin reserved for plastic materials. You will see that after the first few times you will be doing these simple steps in no time.

They fall into this range Self-protected Buongiorno Nespresso compatible capsules , Dolce Gusto coffee compatible , Lavazza A Modo Mio and Lavazza Point coffee compatible .


Recycle biodegradable coffee capsules

In recent years several large capsule and pod manufacturing companies have invested heavily in research and development, and have managed to create casings made of completely biodegradable materials.

As the name suggests, the biodegradable coffee capsules they can be thrown directly into the garbage. It is not necessary to empty the residual coffee from the capsules, just throw the capsules in the waste . This means that all parts of the capsule or pod decompose naturally over a few months.

Given the large number of capsules and pods that are used daily, the fact that they are biodegradable is certainly excellent news with a view to greater respect for the environment.

This is also very convenient for us end users, since it will be sufficient to throw them directly into the organic waste bin, without the need to manually divide the various parts of the capsule to dispose of them separately.

The compostable pods and capsules are made in compliance with the European standard EN13432, which establishes the rules that a certain material must respect in order to be defined as compostable.

To understand if the pods you purchased comply with this standard, look if "compostable" is written on the external packaging.

The compostable Buongiorno range is made up of ESE44 paper filter pods , available for both coffee blends and solubles, and Nespresso compatible capsules in four blends and 250g ground coffee in convenient recyclable paper bags in the paper collection.

Green caps cycle

Recycle plastic soluble capsules

Unlike coffee, for instant drinks the top cover is completely made of plastic. Consequently, it will be sufficient to dispose of the waste in the plastic container, because the soluble product will be completely dissolved during dispensing. The entire used capsule can be disposed of in the plastic collection because at the end of dispensing there is no residue left inside. Which at the moment cannot be done with coffee and herbal teas because the grounds remain trapped at the end of the brewing.

Our Buongiorno soluble capsules are available for Dolce Gusto, Nespresso , Lavazza A Modo Mio and Lavazza Point systems.

If you want to make a green choice find out our eco-sustainable and 100% recyclable line:

green products

We have provided you with all the disposal solutions. Now it's up to you to decide which one to adopt for the good of the planet... and ours!!

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