Dove nasce Caffè Buongiorno

Where Caffè Buongiorno was born

The idea of ​​Caffè Buongiorno was born with the intention of resuming an ancient family tradition.
It all began in 1950 when our great-grandfather Sirio, a food wholesaler, decided to buy a small roaster to produce his own coffee.
Roasted coffee was marketed in the villages of Fidenza (PR) and in the lower Po Valley and our grandfather, creator of the Buongiorno brand, dedicated himself to assisting his father in the production phase.
Despite the good success found among the locals, after the passing of dear Sirio, the children made the decision to sell the business to dedicate themselves to a completely different sector, that of packaging.
Only many years later, fresh from a master's degree in Food Marketing, her great-granddaughter had the idea of ​​resuming this ancient tradition, involving a good part of the family.
Thus Caffè Buongiorno was born!
Initially marketed only in wheat on the foreign market (North Africa, Canada, Malta..) in 2020, thanks to the pandemic, the strategic decision was made to expand the range of our products in order to satisfy all the various needs and tastes of our customers , delivering Good Morning coffee, house to house , shop to shop, bars, restaurants, hairdressers, beauticians, like our great-grandfather did but with an eye towards the future.
The future we imagine is eco-sustainable and respectful of the environment.
Caffè Buongiorno is not just excellent handcrafted coffee at affordable costs, but a lifestyle .
The Mission of our brand is to give coffee back a value that is often taken away from it due to the stress and frenetic pace of everyday life.
It is not an espresso to be consumed quickly, but a moment to savor , a moment to reflect , a moment to be reborn , it is a good morning!
Many of our customers have become friends, many young people eager to believe that it is still possible to do business in Italy have offered to help us with their ideas, their initiatives to make Buongiorno coffee a project to be shared.
Discover our range and become part of the Caffè Buongiorno family!
Martina Parizzi
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