Frequent questions

How long does the Caff├Ę Buongiorno subscription last?

The subscription has a minimum duration of 12 months, after which the stain will become property.

What happens if the coffee machine breaks down?

You can contact us and you will receive assistance from one of our technicians.

I want to try other blends: can I change my subscription selection?

Of course: after receiving the first shipment (the one which also includes the free coffee machine) you will be able to change your selection for the next supply.

Is the machine under warranty?

Yes, the machine is under warranty for the duration of the loan for use. The change will be carried out only following the technician's check for technical reasons, we are not responsible for causes due to poor maintenance of the machine.

How is payment made?

Payment is made by RID or by invoice for Business customers. For those who collect at our headquarters in Fidenza, in Via Pertini 25/A, it will be possible to make the payment directly to the store.

Who can activate the business subscription?

The business subscription is available and can only be activated by VAT holders.

Concept Good morning

Always keeping the espresso machine and all other equipment in excellent condition is an essential step. Maintenance and cleaning procedures must be followed daily.

Through the assistance of our installers and dedicated materials, you will be able to discover all the tricks for maintaining a high-performance machine.