If the base is mainly composed of:

ROBUSTA - you will have a coffee with a more intense, strong, creamy flavour, with hints of dark and earthy chocolate.

ARABICA - you will get a lighter coffee on the palate, good cream but lighter, floral and citrus hints

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The dose that must be constant:

  • 7-7.5 g if we are talking about a 100% robusta coffee
  • 7.5-8.5 g in the case of blends with a higher percentage of arabica
  • 8.5-9.2 g for single origin arabica coffee


To be studied based on the composition of the mixture, the grinding must be regulated according to these rules:

  • If the coffee flows slowly: widen the grind (towards the right) to allow the water to flow faster
  • If the coffee flows too quickly: tighten the grind (towards the left) to slow down the flow of water between the coffee powder


Water is a fundamental element for obtaining quality coffee.

It must be slid before positioning the filter holder to eliminate any residue of the previous coffee.

For an 8g dose, approximately 20ml of water will be needed


The extraction must take place on average in 25 seconds.

  • Below 22" the coffee is under-extracted: light color, harsh, astringent and not very aromatic taste
  • Above 28" the coffee is over-extracted: dark in color, very bitter and with hints of burning


The cup must be hot at the bottom and lukewarm at the top.

IF TOO HOT - the customer risks burning himself and the coffee is burnt

IF TOO COLD - the coffee loses a lot of aromatic range and is not very creamy

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